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Luxe Cuddle® Strips Rose

Shannon Fabrics

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Luxe Cuddle® Strips Rose

Our Luxe Cuddle® Sweet Strips are now easier and more convenient than ever before! Now available in several different five-pack themes, Solid Luxe Cuddle® Sweet Strips packs include five 10" by 58/60" wide precuts that are great for quilt (or blanket) bindings, easy strip quilts, pillows, slippers, blankies and more! Use them alone or combine with other fabrics - Luxe Cuddle® Sweet Strips are all about getting creative and having a whole lotta' fun! Luxe Cuddle® fabrics in the "Rose" pack include Fawn Rosewater, Hide Woodrose, Heather Rosewater, Frosted Hide Rosewater and Marble Wildrose.

  • Content: 100% Polyester
  • Width: 58/60"

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