New Daily Routine

New Daily Routine

Good morning mommas!

While most of us are starting off our Monday with the kiddos at home; whether for Spring Break or School Closings, I thought I would share how we get through the typical day.

Of course, some days are FAR from typical but this gives a good baseline to work off of.

7-8 am the kids wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast and help clean up the kitchen.

8-8:45 am they run off and play together (right now their favorites are hide and seek and monster trucks)

8:45-9 am I try to get them moving for the day! Turn on some Kids Bop to dance to, YouTube some kids yoga, etc.

9 am We focus on Math activities. It could be anything from counting the Legos we were building with or adding the number of cars each kiddo has.

9:30 am We pull out some books and have fun reading!

10 am We head to the table and work with our hands. This can truly be ANYTHING! Sensory bins, coloring, play dough, crafts, etc.

10:30 am I give them the choice of continuing to play at the table or move on to something else they would like to do but no electronics.

11:30 am I start lunch (Daddy eats lunch at 11:45 so this allows us to go have lunch with him some days since he is only 10 min from home)

12:30 pm is Quiet Time. The two littlest take naps and I ask Macey to play quietly in her room. With Blaine also home for spring break this will be his time to silent read.

My kids are good nappers so they typically sleep to at least 2:30-3. When they wake up from naps we work on cleaning up the house from toys and then try to go outside if the weather allows.

4:00 pm is when my husband gets home from work and we start dinner.

These times may not work perfectly for your lifestyle but feel free to use it as a starting point to create your own daily routine in this time of change. This time is going to be rough and definitely different then the “normal” but together we will get through this!
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