Let’s Get Sewing... with PAPER!

Let’s Get Sewing... with PAPER!

Do you have a sewing machine but are just too intimidated to turn it on and make that first project?

Or maybe you have kiddos who watch you sew day in and day out like mine and they want to make their own project!

Well, I have just the project for you!!!

I remember my mom teaching me how to sew by stitching on paper! I took that concept and incorporated it to have my daughter make a fun seasonal garland!


First; I used my Cameo 4 to cut hearts out of red and pink card stock.

Then we sat down at the machine.

At this point it’s pretty simple. Just a basic straight stitch through the top and bottom of the hearts. She pushed the hearts right up next to each other.


Please note- when sewing through paper, it WILL dull your needle quickly! Be sure to change your needle when switching back to fabric!

Here is our finished project! She was so proud of the outcome.

After we finished sewing them together she ran off and grabbed her markers to add each family members name to the hearts. She even let baby brother join in!

What do you think?! Are you ready to jump in and start sewing?  Be brave and take risks! You are only out some paper and thread 😉


 Fine Print: See those shirts my kiddos are wearing? They are showing their support to my awesome cousin and her husband who are looking to adopt!  Would you take a minute and check out their story?  Maybe even share it on social media so someone else sees it.  We would all be so grateful!  


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